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13 June 2016

Our work for Texas Children’s Hospital has been awarded an SEGD Global Design Award in the category of Strategy, Research, and Planning.

In a world that is increasingly complex visually, designers are experimenting with ways to enhance users’ enjoyment of the “real” world with creative experiential designs that communicate. Operating at the intersection of communications and the built environment, the field of experiential design embraces a wide range of disciplines including graphic design, architectural, interior, landscape, digital and industrial design.

Since 1987, the SEGD Global Design Awards have set the standard of excellence for environmental graphic design and experiential graphic design – honoring design work that connects people to place by providing direction, content, and compelling experiences in public spaces.

Winning projects have ranged from interactive multimedia environments to complex hospital wayfinding systems and from branded corporate environments to museum exhibitions. Retail and interior projects, architectural signing, public art, design research, and books have also won awards.

Awards are conferred by multi-disciplinary, international juries. Past jurors have included Henry Beer, Peter Dixon, Sue Gould, Graham Hanson, Lars Uwe Bleher, David Vanden-Eynden, Kelly Kolar, Ken Carbone, Mitchell Mauk, Ronald Shakespear, David Gibson, Paul Prejza, Lance Wyman, and Virginia Gehshan.

The jury evaluated projects in seven categories that represent the core of Experiential Graphic Design: Digital Experience Content, Exhibition, Interactive Experiences, Placemaking and Identity, Public Installations, Strategy/Research/Planning and Wayfinding.

11 Honor Awards and 28 Merit Awards were chosen from among 371 submissions of experiential graphic design projects from around the world.

"The world is wide open for designers, who are leading the charge to create true user-centered experiences. They are also guided by Design Thinking and solid principles of design for user experiences.,” says Stephen Minning, founder and managing director of BrandCulture (Sydney) and chair of the 2016 SEGD Global Design Awards. "These principles are represented in the winning work."

Formation is pleased to represent our work for Texas Children's Hospital as the only winner in the category of Strategy, Research and Planning, reinforcing our core philosophy and approach to problem solving as an interplay of research, strategy and design. 

More information about the SEGD Global Design Award for 2016 can be found on the SEGD website.

Formation is a design office located in Houston, Texas known for taking on large, multi-disciplinary projects. Formation has delivered thoughtful, award-winning, research-based design solutions for over ten years. Our clients in healthcare, hospitality, sports, administration, education, and the arts utilize our expertise to shape their cultures, define expectations, and create opportunities to connect with their audience.

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